What Your Employees Really Want

Competitive times doesn’t simply mean your competition are competing for your clients; they want your talent too.

You doubtless spend most of your time focused on the satisfaction your clients – but the first part of the equation is taking care of the satisfaction of your team. You know what kind of firm your clients want, but have you thought about the kind of firm your team wants?

Here’s the kind of firm your top talent would likely consider leaving you for:

  1. One with a culture

A firm that feels more like a community than an office space is a big winner in your clients’ eyes. The business world is moving far away from its factory-style beginnings. We’re replacing cubicles with bean bags, water coolers with ping pong tables and clunky desktops with pocket-sized tablets. Though none of this is essential to employee satisfaction, it makes the workplace a place your employees want to be, and demonstrates that you’re keen to keep up with the times.

  1. One with freedom

Firms that give employees the freedom to take responsibility for their own working life are the most desirable to high-performing employees – we’re much more likely to invest more of our energy in something when we’re in charge. This can be as simple as designating projects for certain employees to lead, or offering them the opportunity to work from home occasionally to demonstrate that they have your trust.

  1. One that isn’t a buzz-kill

The most desirable firms employees are seeking out are ones that promise valuable professional opportunities without taking themselves too seriously or being the most boring people on the planet. As the line between our work lives and personal lives start to blur, professionalism doesn’t quite mean what it used to. As long as the work you produce is top-notch, you’re allowed to loosen your tie a little.

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