Meet the Business Fitness Team.

From photography to powerlifting, the team at Business Fitness are just as clever as the software they provide.

Stuart Spalding


Stuart qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1987 and has specialised in systems and delivering efficiencies through technology ever since, co-founding Business Fitness in 2001. As CEO, Stuart is responsible for commercial strategy and future direction to ensure our clients’ continually benefit from changes in technology and business processes.

John Hogg

Executive Director

John’s background is that of a small business owner as an individual, in partnership, a director and a shareholder. John is a director and shareholder of Business Fitness. John commenced work in the accounting industry in 1984, became a qualified Chartered Accountant in 1987 and later, FCA. From 1987 John was a partner or principal in an accounting practice delivering essentially compliance services to a range of businesses. Long ago he recognised the need for standardisation and systemisation and now automation.

Jenelle Schultz

Chief Operating Officer

Jenelle joined Business Fitness in 2009, after many years of experience in the accounting industry. She has been involved in all aspects of client services and sales at Business Fitness, and now brings together our talented team of professionals to focus on one goal – providing smart solutions that help firms succeed. She makes sure our team have everything they need to be able to deliver best practice to the industry.

Brad Geelan

Chief Revenue Officer

Brad started with Business Fitness in 2003 and now oversees our Business Development and Client Services teams. He’s been a key figure in guiding accounting practices and SMEs into a profitable future through standardising the best way of doing things with the latest industry tools and processes. Brad also co-ordinates our annual benchmarking study “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Australian Accounting Profession”, the leading industry publication over the past decade.

Tim Overton

Chief Technology Officer

Tim joined Business Fitness in 2015 to oversee the HowNow On Premise suite with a strong background in software development and Microsoft technologies. Tim is passionate about delivering innovative customer solutions backed by solid design principles and now heads up the talented product team. Using agile methodologies one of his main focuses has been streamlining development practices to allow for faster, more efficient product enhancements and updates.

Melissa Watt

HowNow Product Owner

Melissa has been at Business Fitness for more years than she’d care to admit, and has had lots of hands on experience in training and implementation for all the Business Fitness products. Her passion is to continue to provide the 5-star support and service that we are known for at Business Fitness.

Sean Devenish

Head of Compliance Products

Sean is part of a ‘new generation’ of accountant that embraces the extensive use of technology to deliver better solutions to clients. Sean heads up the development of a revolutionary software product called Reportance that enables accountants to produce their work seamlessly with integration to all client accounting products.

Corinne Hamilton

Compliance Product Owner

Corinne joined Business Fitness in 2020 while living in Malaysia. She is a qualified CPA with a background in both accounting and science. As Product Owner, Corinne is particularly passionate about providing clients with excellent user experience by continuously developing and improving both our Workpapers and Reportance products. Corinne is now settled in Victoria with her husband, two children and two dogs where she likes to dance, do Pilates, travel and drink tea.

Stefan Bolling

Senior Developer

Stefan is a Senior .Net Developer who has recently migrated from Sweden to Australia with his family. He has a strong background of Software Development and has worked on numerous large-scale projects, including Sweden’s largest airport and large E-commerce solutions. Stefan is very passionate about Clean Code and the craftmanship that goes behind every great solution, and he always brings a lot of positivity energy to the team.

Brendan Cole

Software Engineer

Hailing from a technology firm closely aligned with an accounting practice, Brendan joined the Business Fitness team in 2021. Leveraging both his knowledge in software development, and experience with accounting software, his role of Software Engineer is bolstered by years of using Business Fitness products in production. When not reading lines of code, Brendan enjoys reading sci-fi novels, travelling, and as is stereotypical of his ilk: gaming.

Bryce Andrews

Software Engineer

Bryce joined the Business Fitness Team at the end of 2020 as a Software Engineer. Bryce spends most of his time working in Angular and has a keen focus in User Centred Design and applying these techniques across the user interface and design of our products. When not at work, Bryce spends time playing music, troubleshooting everyone else’s tech problems, and photographing the outdoors whilst out on his latest adventure.

David McGill

Software Engineer

David joined the Business Fitness team as a Software Engineer in March 2020 amidst a global pandemic. As part of this role, he develops a range of software solutions across the .Net ecosystem. David’s interest in programming and tech extends into his personal life as well. David enjoys gaming and developing his own games, continually upgrading his PC and enthusiastically troubleshooting all of his family’s IT problems.

Christopher Linnan

Software Engineer

Christopher joined the Business Fitness team as a Software Engineer in March 2021. After working in the manufacturing sector for 10 years he transitioned into software engineering with a passion for automation and .NET technologies. During his free time, he enjoys coding, reading technical books, and learning Russian.

Jacquie Strudwick

Business Development Manager

Jacquie joined our team in late 2020 to add to our Business Development Team.  Having dedicated her career to Accounting Firm technology Jacquie jumped at the chance to join our team and take our suite of tools to our market place.  Having a passion for automation of tasks and efficient business processes along with a detailed understanding of Accounting Firms. When Jacquie is not working both she and her daughter compete in Dressage Competitions and are looking to do some Show Jumping as well.

Jessica Holubkovic

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Jessica started with Business Fitness in February 2016 and enjoys talking to firms about how our suite of software can help improve their firm. She brings fresh ideas to the team on all things accounting & software. In her spare time, she enjoys being active and on a sunny weekend, you will most likely find her at the beach.

Zareen Sequeira

Marketing Assistant

Since June 2019, Zareen has been working within the Marketing team at Business Fitness. With her creative flair and fresh ideas, she assists in generating content for social media, updates marketing collateral, creates campaigns and maintains client databases. Zareen works hard, but she brunches harder.

Anna Robinson

Client Administrator

Since January 2015 Anna has been working in the operations team, within the accounts and administration areas of Business Fitness. Anna also maintains our client database, ensuring everyone is on the nice list, not the naughty one. Outside of work time, Anna enjoys horse riding.

Adrian Chin

Support Team Leader & Software Specialist

Adrian joined Business Fitness in 2017 and manages the day to day operations of the support & implementation team. Adrian’s team includes our support, training, implementations and client care – his mission is to ensure client’s needs are met and support is provided at the highest standard of service

Wayne Marriage

Client Success Officer

Wayne joined Business Fitness as our Client Success Officer. Wayne has a business degree with studies in accounting and information systems.  Wayne has post-graduate qualifications in education and tax. Wayne has a background in educational design whilst delivering content to the profession/university sector. He has assisted accounting firms/students across Australia and Southeast Asia including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Aaron Fenby

Support Engineer

Aaron joined Business Fitness in late 2021 as a Support Engineer and is responsible for providing quality first level support for clients. When not working, Aaron enjoys figure skating and bolstering my knowledge in both Software Development and Cyber Security practices.

Jason Deo

Accounting Content Developer

Jason joined Business Fitness as an Accounting Content Developer. With 3.5 years IT Experience and 15 years of Accounting Experience in CA & CPA firms servicing large, medium and small businesses. Jason has a strong belief in building strong professional relationships. When Jason isn’t working, he loves to watch and play sports, cooking and making tasty beverages (cold and hot).

Jaclyn Lee Youngman

Accounting Content QA

Jaclyn joined Business Fitness in 2021. As a Chartered Accountant, Jaclyn appreciates how the use of technology simplifies the job and efficiencies are gained by allowing software to automate the process. Jaclyn is focused on ensuring the quality and legislative compliance of the Business Fitness suite of products.

Nathan Weir

Quality Assurance Engineer

Nathan joined Business Fitness in late 2021 as a Quality Assurance Engineer. As a part of his role, he ensures that all software released is the best quality it can be. When Nathan isn’t working he enjoys gaming and seeking adrenaline by skydiving, and cliff jumping.

Matthew Macdonald

DevOps Engineer

Matthew’s role at Business Fitness as a DevOps engineer. Matthew is responsible for developing and maintaining the infrastructure behind Business Fitness products. Matthew has spent the last 7 years as a systems admin in the education sector. He has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with golf, other hobbies involve carpentry & woodwork, surfing, snowboarding and fishing.

Melinda Myers

Office Manager

Melinda joined the team in May 2017 as Office Manager with 10 years’ experience in office management and administration. She also enjoys being an active part of the support team, in addition to processing client orders and assisting our clients with all their account queries. The team in the office all love Melinda’s super-organisation skills because she makes our office run so smoothly.