Maintain an Online Presence That Doesn’t Suck Your Precious Time

Want an online presence without wasting too much of your time? These sneaky tips from our social media manager will save you hours.

  1. Schedule

There are plenty of scheduling tools available for the web-savvy firm. We suggest checking out Hootsuite, Social Oomph and Sprout Social for starters. A smart idea is to dedicate an hour on a Friday afternoon to creating updates and sourcing articles to link to for the week ahead, and scheduling from Monday to Friday to maintain the image of a constant online presence. If your firm has a blog, try writing several blogs in one sitting and scheduling these too.


Retweets take about two seconds and two clicks to perform. This is undoubtedly the easiest way to maintain a constant social media presence without actually doing any work. Do it at the coffee machine, in the elevator, while your computer’s starting up. A couple of Retweets a day is all you need to keep the image up.

  1. Steal

The best thing about social media is that linking to other people’s content benefits both you and the original author. You don’t need to constantly publish original content. If you’ve read an interesting article relevant to your clients and prospects, Tweet away! If the original author has a Twitter account, include “via @author” for even more interaction. Don’t be nervous – they’ll be thrilled. Buffer is an incredibly useful tool for posting the articles you read (just click “share” and Buffer will post it at the time of day where you’ll receive greatest engagement).

  1. Delegate

Really not in the mood? We’re sure there’s someone who is. Consider delegating your firm’s social media activity to a junior team member. Chances are, they’ll be chuffed with the responsibility, and they’re definitely not going to object to being paid to Tweet. Just make sure they know the difference between your and you’re.