CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY: OHM Chartered Accountants & Reportance Cirrus

Why this Victorian accounting firm rate Reportance Cirrus as a general ledger platform that is genuinely enjoyable to use.

Located in Malvern, Victoria, OHM Chartered Accountants are a community focused practice that value the diversity of their clients. Frustrated by the manual data entry and clunky nature of their existing general ledger reporting package, the team at OHM decided to make the switch to Reportance Cirrus. The team haven’t looked back since making the move, having found Reportance Cirrus as a general ledger platform they now genuinely enjoy using.    

OHM Chartered Accountants is a boutique accounting and advisory business based in Malvern, Victoria. With clients across a range of industries and of varying sizes, the practice knows there is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to providing quality client service. With a clear objective of creating commercial advantage for their clients, the practice understands the importance of having strong and robust internal systems that support them to bring that mission to life.

Utilising the general ledger reporting package that came bundled with their existing practice management platform, the team were growing increasingly frustrated by the limitations of the program underpinning one of their core business compliance processes. In particular, the system was clunky and difficult to use, required extensive manual data entry, and did not provide flexibility for the firm, or its clients.

Tired of the time-suck their team was facing, the business chose to make the move to Reportance Desktop roughly five years ago and have recently implemented Reportance Cirrus, the cloud-based practice ledger that handles the end-to-end process of preparing workpapers and instantly generating financial reports.

Unlike other providers in the market, Reportance Cirrus is agnostic – the platform connects to any client file. This was an important feature and key deciding factor for the team at OHM whose clients were spread across industries, and all have very unique needs for their reporting requirements.

In addition to making use of the integrated workpapers, there were a number of features within Reportance Cirrus that the team at OHM were excited to adopt, including templates, and the capability for generating special purpose financial reports and management reports in the click of a button.

While Reportance Cirrus comes with integrated excel-based workpapers, the platform provides further flexibility by allowing practices to use their own existing workpapers should they choose to.

The team at OHM rolled out the transition from the desktop version to Reportance Cirrus gradually across their team, and now fully implemented, they haven’t looked back.

“Making the move to Reportance and now Reportance Cirrus has been fantastic,” Director Justin Porch says. “We’ve had huge efficiency gains and error reduction given there is so much less manual data entry”.

“It’s also much easier to quickly review accounts in Reportance Cirrus – meaning we’re able to provide more meaningful feedback to clients much quicker than we have been able to in the past”.

Now able to seamlessly integrate their ledger platform with any client file, the team at OHM are enjoying significant time savings in preparing their end of year report packages, that are also beautifully branded and customised for their firm.

Since making the shift to Reportance Cirrus, the team at OHM can now say they genuinely enjoy using their general ledger platform.

“Reportance Cirrus provides a clear, logical workflow for preparing financials for our clients. It is efficient, simple, and an enjoyable program to use.” Justin Porch, Director, OHM

Reportance Cirrus allows you to work how you want to work, either in the live client file to make changes in real-time or, making controlled changes in the file and sync them back to the client. All it takes is a few clicks to generate financial reports beautifully branded to your firm.

To find out more about how your practice could finally enjoy using your general ledger platform, click here to chat to us about Reportance Cirrus, or find out more about the platform here