The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Annual Survey Now Open

Australia’s Premier Accounting Survey

The knowledge you need to keep your firm looking good, avoiding the bad, and staying far away from the ugly.

How to Participate

Please follow the instructions below carefully

Step 1: Download the Data Collection sheet

Step 2: Complete Data Collection sheet

Step 3: Once the Data Collection sheet is completed click ‘Start survey now’, enter your answers from the datasheet into the survey

Step 4: Once the survey is complete, click ‘Submit’

Don’t skip completing the Data Collection sheet, this will ensure you have all your valuable data ready to input into the survey.

If you have any issues completing the datasheet or the survey – please contact us

What’s in it for you

Completing the survey will get you intelligent insights on how firms are working smarter to stay compliant, maximise efficiency and scale profitably. Our reports enable you to enhance your forward-planning and compare your firm’s results against other Australian Accounting firms.

  • Personalised comparison report – Valued at $900
  • A copy of the Good Bad Ugly Publication – Valued at $495
  • We provide you with exclusive, comparable benchmarking data in a clear, concise format
  • Use KPI benchmarks to make better business decisions, faster
  • Identify where you need to improve and undertake new challenges
  • Your data is 100% confidential

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We use the GBU report as our key piece of data to manage the strategic planning and performance of our firm.

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