Never waste time looking for a file

(And say goodbye to document chaos)

HowNow is a document and email manager that systemises your information, so you spend less time searching and more time growing your firm.

  • Find anything, fast
  • One location rules them all
  • One-click sharing

The files you need, when you need them.

HowNow’s intelligent filing and search capabilities let you say goodbye to the pain of trawling through Windows Explorer on an endless quest for a mislabelled document.

Just enter a keyword or two, or use one of HowNow’s many filters, and HowNow will grab your file faster than you can say ‘brown cow’.

When you’re done? HowNow knows where each piece of information needs to sit within its hyper-organised central file structure. Just one click and whoosh, off it goes. HowNow takes it back to where it belongs (while you get on with doing your job).

More powerful than 100 lightning-fast assistants.

HowNow makes your tasks and procedures wildly efficient. It’s like having 100 switched-on assistants working for you all at once (without the extra desk space).

Find anything, fast
Stop looking and start finding. Bring up a document in seconds, filter easily and get what you need with Cheetah-like speed.

One location rules them all
All your templates, procedures, workpapers and documents are stored in a central ‘Knowledge Centre’, so your whole team works from the same approved files.

One-click sharing
Eliminate document and data friction. Share information with clients, suppliers and colleagues with a single click. Boom.

Drawing of an accountant working on document templates

Save hours of lost time each week

Have you ever wondered much time all of the fiddly little admin tasks actually waste in your firm? We have.

HowNow helps you turn that wasted time into billable hours. Ka-ching!

  • Cut job completion cost up to 15%
  • Onboard and train new hires faster
  • Improve job turnaround times
  • All areas of your firm’s files in the one place
  • Full version control over documents
  • Save 20 minutes per employee each day
  • Reduce key person dependence
  • Staff working from standardised, approved templates
  • Electronic review process for documents
  • Emails saved centrally, not in individual inboxes
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HowNow was a no-brainer, it pays for itself in no time.

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