FuseDocs + HowNow

Compile, format, and send client-ready documents at the click of a button.

Integrate FuseDocs with HowNow to help your business:


Be More Efficient

FuseDocs integrates directly with HowNow to improve accuracy and consistency across your business while lowering operating costs.

Save Time

With FuseDocs, you can create a customised tax pack in 10 minutes (down from a standard time of 45 minutes).

Increase Productivity

FuseDocs uses robotic process automation software to perform the repetitive, labour-intensive tasks that make your business tick.

The Integration

FuseDocs combined with HowNow easily locates and correctly extracts your required documents directly from HowNow. Documents are automatically compiled into a bookmarked report package, saving you time and money.

Work smarter, not harder

Just for being a HowNow client, the team at FuseDocs are giving you an exclusive special offer when you book a demo online.

Use the referral code “FuseNow” when you book and you will receive 1 free month when you sign up to this fantastic time saving product.